Ralph Burgos aka Ralph Burg is a 28 year oldĀ  hip-hop recording artist, and songwriter from the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York. Ralph Burg has worked with various recording studios such as, Crosby Collective, Caddy Corner Studios, and Plain Truth Ent. He has also performed at SoB’s(Sounds Of Brazil) as part of the Faces in the Crowd showcase.
Recently did a cypher at the Puerto Rican Day Parade with KShark TV, was a contestant for Team BackPack,
Ralph Burg has worked with various producers: JoeGunna, SatLite, MiaMee, Steve Sola, Hannibal King, Kush Klein, Steve Sola from Plain Truth Ent( worked with 50 cent, Mobb Deep, Biggie Duets,Ty Nitty, Mariah Carey, Aubrey O’day etc.) and Bainz Angad( Consequence, Rita Ora etc.)


Early Years

Born August 18th, 1988 to mother Mary Abadia Burgos and father Ralph Burgos, Ralph Andre Burgos Jr. is the oldest of four. What better blend of NYC’s urban culture than a child exposed to the Staten Island and Brooklyn way of living. Ralph’s first exposure to music came as a passenger in his mother’s Mercury Cougar. That atmosphere of the pre- Bloomberg, pre 9-11 New York City era is what laid Ralph’s lyrical foundation. From the word play and metaphors of Biggie, lyricism of Tupac and the cypher-centric collaborations between the Wu-Tang Clansmen, freestyle (KTU 103.5 FM) and soul samples of the golden era of music, Ralph gave strong attention to rhythm, soul, lyricism, and production of his music.

Fast forward to the teens, Ralph has been writing, and cyphering since the cafeteria days.

“Cafeteria genius,
That’s where it started.
Aggressive like guerrilla market
Trill, still (steel) I’m the hardest.” – Ralph Burg, Bound 2 Freestyle

Pulling from his personal struggles, & experiences, Ralph has plenty to get off his chest. After losing his mother at age 13 to Cancer, he has had thirteen years worth of experiences to hone musical ability; thirteen years of struggle and pain to contribute to every lyric. Ralph brings the grit, aggression & passion for his artistry.